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Triptych on the Poems by Marc Chagall composed by Arseniy Gusev, 

premiered at the Union Church of Pocantico Hills (Tarrytown, NY)


Elizaveta Kozlova, soprano

Arseniy Gusev, piano

Mayn vayte heym composed by Robert Piéchaud, 

premiered at the Union Church of Pocantico Hills (Tarrytown, NY)


Elizaveta Kozlova, soprano

Hannah Burnett, viola

Yuliya Basis, piano

Robert Piéchaud: Mayn vayte heym
00:00 / 09:22

Mayn vayte heym

Es klingt in mir
Di shtot, di vayte,
Di kloysters vayse
In di shuln. Di tir
Iz ofn. Der himl blit. Dos lebn flit altz vayter.

Es benkt in mir
Di gasn krume. Matseyves groe af a barg, Es lign tif di yidn frume.

In farb in flekn,
in likht, in shotn,
Shteyt mayn bild fun vaytn,
Ikh vil mit dem mayn harts fardekn.

Ikh gey tseflakert,
Es blitsn yorn.
Mayn velt in kholem kumt mir -- Ikh ze farlorn.

Nit zukht mikh haynt, nit zukht mikh morgn, Ikh bin antlofn fun zikh aleyn.
Ikh vel far zikh a grub farzorgn
Ikh vel tsegeyn in groys geveyn.

My Far-Off Home

It sounds within me --
This distant city,
The white churches
And the synagogues. The door

Is open. The sky is blooming. Life keeps flying by.

I miss
The crooked streets.
The gray gravestones on the mountain,

The pious Jews lie deep within.

In colors, in specks,
In light, in shadow,
Appears this far-off image of mine,

I want to cover my heart with it.

As I walk, flickering,
The years flash by.
In a dream my world comes to me -- I look out, lost.

Don’t look for me today, don’t look for me tomorrow,

I have run away from myself.
I will dig myself a grave
I will dissolve in heaps of tears.

English translation by Allison Posner

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